”To A Tee”

Join 'To A Tee' for handpicked adventures and extraordinary moments.Be part of our vibrant community of successful Black leaders, inspiring and bonding across the globe.

by: Tope Ajala


Tope Ajala here

Tope Ajala

"To A TEE, led by Tope Ajala, Ogilvy's Global Head of DE&I, is a bespoke community transcending borders. Tope, a vocal advocate for diversity, draws from her extensive experience at Ogilvy and WPP, shaping inclusive practices. Born in Nigeria and raised in the UK, her unique perspective weaves through her global journey spanning London, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, and San Francisco.

Beyond corporate spheres, Tope passionately champions underrepresented communities through consulting and leveraging her vast global network. At To A TEE, we nurture a culture of inclusivity, weaving threads of luxury, love, and genuine connections. Join us on an exclusive journey of wellness, healing, and mutual support, where every connection is tailored 'To A TEE.'"


Wedding consultations

If you haven't caught wind of the viral video from my wedding, rest assured, a stress-free celebration is possible with a few key steps. Book a slot with us to explore how we can make your wedding planning journey truly seamless and enjoyable."


1-1 To A TEE Time

To A TEE proudly introduces 'To A TEE Time' for those inclined towards professional development. Whether unravelling operational challenges or seeking strategic advice, we offer a bespoke experience to elevate your professional journey.


To ATee

To A TEE is a bespoke community uniting individuals in a tapestry of luxury, love, and genuine connections. Rooted in exclusivity, we curate experiences that transcend traditional networking, fostering a collective journey of wellness, healing, and mutual support. Our mission is to create an intimate haven where like-minded souls converge, forging authentic connections that enrich lives and illuminate the path to personal growth.


To A TeeTravel

In our ’Travel’ community, we believe that exploring the world not only broadens horizons but also nurtures appreciation for both the little and the grand. Join our travel group to experience countries in a unique way, rumored to be the best in the To A TEE community. Traveling with us not only enriches your journey but also expands your network with remarkable individuals.


To A TeeSingles

For the 'Singles,' our curated events span the globe, offering a space for those ready to embrace the beauty of partnership. We exclusively welcome individuals radiating immaculate vibes, genuine care, and a commitment to personal growth, encouraging authentic connections.


To A TeeCouples

For 'Couples,' our retreats are designed to reignite the love and intimacy that brought them together. It goes beyond addressing common challenges, aiming to foster a supportive community that genuinely cares about fortifying their union.


To A TeeLuxury Fragrance

Discover "TO A TEE" – our signature scent that has quickly become a beloved favorite among guests and friends alike. With its unique blend of enchanting aromas, "TO A TEE" is designed to captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this fragrance embodies elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Experience the charm of our signature scent and let "TO A TEE" become a cherished part of your daily ritual.